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Bodybuilding Supplements, Vitamins

Bodybuilding Supplements

People who are involved in athletics or bodybuilders usually use bodybuilding supplements and vitamin which are used to replace daily meals, improve performance for athletics, increase fat loss for fat people and increase weight gain. There are many kinds of supplements and one of them is Dietary supplement. A dietary supplement contains nutrients that we generally don’t consume in our day to day meals in sufficient quantities. Supplements contain fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. These are called with different names in different parts of the world like somewhere it’s called foods while somewhere it’s called drugs.

Vitamin is a necessary element which our body needs but in measured amount. Vitamins what we get in the market are actually necessary for our body and our body can’t synthesize that amount of vitamins and so we need to consume it. There are many kinds of vitamins like vitamin C and E which are generally function as antioxidants or vitamin D which have functions similar to hormones as regulators of metabolism of minerals.

Importance of supplements and vitamins on our health

Although supplements and vitamins can’t take the place of food but they fill the nutrition deficiency or gaps in our diet. They cannot replace all the benefits of the actual food but act as a helper to fulfill the extra need of nutrition in our body. Food that we eat have shortage of vitamin D, potassium, calcium and vitamin B12 and so people take supplements and vitamin tablets to fulfill the extra need of these minerals or vitamins in our body. They can contribute to chronic conditions. Study have shown that taking vitamins and supplements have many effective health benefits as they fulfill the scarcity of the required nutrients in our body.

To fulfill the actual need of nutrients in our body we need to eat a lot of food in a day but that is not possible and to add to the crisis excessive fat can accumulate in your body and so vitamins and mineral supplements are the best alternatives. Our food contains low quality minerals as all the food in today’s world are made artificially, with artificial fertilizer to ripe early and so the minerals in them are not of the best quality. Thus to give our body the good quality minerals and nutrients people use supplements or vitamin tablets. You should be careful of not taking more such supplements or vitamins because though it may be good for our body, excessive is bad for anything so we should take the drugs after getting prescription from a doctor or a physical trainer who will tell you in how much quantity you should take the supplements or vitamin tablets.

7 reasons to ingest supplements and vitamins

The various reasons why there is a need to consume hmf intensive supplements and vitamins in our daily life are as follows.

  • Modern agriculture grows food with mineral deficiencies and also leaves the soil deficient for important minerals.
  • Cooking food, preserving the food decreases the vitamin and mineral content of the food.
  • Foods are exported or important and in the process nutrients get depleted.
  • Genetically bred foods are deficient in nutrition values.
  • Stress, bad eating habits and less chewing results in less extraction of nutrients from the food.
  • Excessive medicine intake has made our body vulnerable to deficiencies.
  • Increased pollution around us has made immune to the good effects of the nutrients in normal quantities,

Risk and Safety


Many elements in the supplements have strong reactions in our body and cause anomalies in the normal behaviour of the body. Its intelligent to be alert on such side effects which can occur suddenly, especially during ingesting new products. Suppose you are taking a certain supplement and suddenly u change it to something else which may have some ingredients that your body is not accustomed to and so side effects may be seen.

Generally, supplements cause anomalies in our body or side effects may be seen when people ingest supplements and not medicines which are prescribed or when people tend to take medicines and supplements in odd combinations. Some supplements can increase the bleeding risk during a cut or can affect an individual’s response to anesthesia if the supplement is taken before or after the operation. There are many kind of supplements and one of such kind is dietary supplement which may cause anomalies with prescribed drugs and cause problems. Some examples are as follows.

  • St. John’s wort speeds up the reaction with drugs considerably and so it reduces the effectiveness of the drugs.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants and so may reduce the effect of some of the types of chemotherapy used for cancer.
  • Excess Vitamin K in blood reduces its capacity to clot faster and makes the blood thin.

We should keep in mind that some nutrients are added to food and as we ingest food we may take these nutrients in excessive amount which can actually be harmful to our body than doing any good. Minerals and nutrients are good for our body but nothing is good in excessive amount. It will increase the probability of occurrence of side effects. For example, if we take too much of vitamin A then it may cause serious headaches and also do damage to the liver. It may also cause birth defects and reduce strength in our bones. Intake of iron in more quantity can cause nausea, vomiting and also may be the reason for liver and other organ damage.

Pregnant women should be very cautious during taking dietary supplements. Be very careful before giving them to a child. Actually most of the dietary supplements are not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children. It is recommended to consult your physician or doctor before taking supplements and if there are some side effects consult them immediately. They will report the anomalies to the FDA. You can also contact the supplement company and inform them about your condition.

Do’s and Don’ts

Some people try to diagnose themselves and treat their health conditions by taking dietary supplements but it is wise to do so after consulting your doctor.

  • Taking supplements in exchange of prescribed medicine is harmful and inform or consult your health care provider before doing so.
  • Consult your health care provider about the intake of supplements if you have any surgical procedure.
  • People tend to believe that all natural things are good for health but this is untrue. Many herbs like comfrey, kava etc. are injurious to health and can harm the liver in abnormal quantities.
  • Ask the following questions before taking supplements.
  • What are benefits of taking these stuffs.
  • What kind of safety these products provide.
  • What benefits will you get out of it.
  • What’s the proper dose to take.
  • Time interval between doses and for how long should you continue.

Myths regarding consumption of supplements

Meth suppliment

Myth 1: Creatine causes liver and kidney damage

Various tests and studies are done on creatine supplements and people who are using creatine supplements doesn’t seems to have any kind of liver or kidney problems. It is false media accusations that creatine causes liver failure and kidney stones. The main concerns should be about how good the creatine supplements are helping in blood filtering. Creatine supplements are not harmful to your body and moreover there is no evidence scientifically proved that creatine dose in chronic supplement is bad for the function of kidney. Some important points are as follows.

  • Using creatine supplements for long term does not affect the health adversely for athletes.
  • Taking creatine supplements does not affect blood lipid.
  • There is no significant change in cardiac, hepatic, renal or muscle function with the use of creatine supplements.

Myth 2: Gastrointestinal distress is cause by creatine

Though it is true that there are people who experience gastrointestinal issues with the use of creatine supplements but it is very rare. Only 5 to 7 percent of the people who use this may get this problem. Generally, stomach distress occurs due to consuming too much creatine at once or when you take the supplement on an empty stomach. So to decrease the GI distress a different form of creatine, micronized form of creatine is used. It is reduced to particle size and so it is readily soluble and reduces GI distress.

Myth 3: Creatine causes dehydration and cramping

It is said that creatine supplements causes dehydration and cramping but this is not true at all. On the contrary it increases the water in the body and helps to maintain the hydration status. There is no standing evidence that creatine supplements causes dehydration or the ability of the body to regulate body temperature is affected. Study says there is no evidence that creatine supplement decrease hydration in body but it also doesn’t say that it increases it. Study shows that it provides enhancement in performance in humid and hot environments and it doesn’t result in muscle cramping.

Myth 4: Creatine results in weight gain

It is found that there is weight gain at the start of 08 to 2.9 percent of the body weight as water is absorbed in the muscles but this is not there if you take low dose. Though it is true that creatine supplements increase water content in the muscles and resulting in more body weight but consistent use of creatine supplements with training results in lean body mass and lower fat mass which results in improvement in the composition of the body. This is mainly due to the high concentration of ATP and PCr stores.